Signature Project

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This is my graduation project, uniting underwear and outerwear in one single set. I call it Signature Project, since it expresses much of myself and my tastes for the lingerie universe which I love. Thank you so much to my dear team and to Londrina State University in Brazil.

All the sets showcase a sense of sensuality that is either touchable and untouchable, platonic. Horses, seen as a symbol of strength and movement throughout history, were the main aesthetic reference. Corsetry and bondage references are present as well, but in delicate and playful ways.

The collection is composed by four sets: Gazala, Kasztanka, Chetak and Marengo.


Design (lingerie, outerwear and accessories), creative direction and makeup by me.

Photography: Lírica Aragão @lirica.aragao.foto

Photography assistant: Camila Marchetti @camerapassaporte

Model: Gabriele Mendes @gabrielemendesg

Hair: Giselle Fontolan @gisellefontolan